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Private Sessions

All private sessions offer per session costs and package pricing...

$165 per session

$1600 for 10 sessions 

$3100 for 20 sessions 


In Home Sessions

Have your trainer come to you in the comfort of your home or gym.  

$225 per session

$2000 for 10 sessions 


Group Classes

Classes are offered both virtually and in person. In person classes are very limited for space click here to ask about availability. EDB Method classes offer very personalized attention in a small group setting.  

$45 per session $337 for 4 week 2x/week session

Pelvic Floor Core Restore Beginning March 7th 6:15 pm 

Semi Private in studio Equipment Circuit Fridays 3pm 

Register here now to reserve your spot! 


Virtual Sessions

Meet with me for an individual virtual session or create a small group with your friends.  All sessions are live and executed through zoom.  These can be nutrition or fitness focused and can be in addition to your in person studio sessions or this can be our way of working together.  Prices are the same as private and group class rates,  Contact me for details! 

Show prep! Come see _tinacrollandcompany
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