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EDB Method for Core and Pelvic Floor  

Erin Pilates and MUTU Pro™  Certified 
EDB Method Pilates for core and pelvic floor conditioning and recovery.  This method will provide your body with the tools it needs to achieve your goals.  These goals may look different depending on your season of life.  Are you a mom-to-be preparing for the athletic event of labor?  Are you a new mom wanting to feel connected and strong again, needing to be able to attend to your new baby, and maybe other children, with strength and function? Are you an experienced mom with older children looking to gain or maintain strength and heal from your birth that happened years ago?  EDB Method is for you!  This is a proven method of conditioning and recovery that is tailored to your specific, and ever changing needs.   Do you...
  • have Diastasis Recti

  • still look pregnant

  • feel disconnected in your middle

  • leak when you sneeze, cough, or exercise

  • find sex painful or uncomfortable

  • lack body confidence

  • want to feel stronger and more confident in your body


EDB Method will provide you with the strength you need to feel good, heal safely and effectively, have confidence, and age with continued strength.  


Alongside my classes, it is extremely beneficial for you to have your own copy of the MUTU System Program so that you can continue your recovery at home between sessions. As your certified MUTU Pro, I can share a free download of "10 Things Your Doctor Didn't tell you" through this link: by clicking here you will receive a free download and you can continue to purchase the MUTU System® program

If you would like to schedule a private consultation, reserve your space in one of my classes, or want some more information, get in touch at 585-309-9267 or email me at

I was an active pregnant woman, dancing and running after a toddler.  I remember going up and down a playground slide on my due date wondering what I was thinking, did I think I was a superwoman? Well...we all are, we birth babies! We are all strong and we can restore our strength after babies, contact me today about my programs. 


I MUTU™ because... I am a dancer, I will always be a dancer, and I need my body to function. Also, I'm a mom, and I want to be strong for my children. I performed one month from my due date with my second, and it was amazing.  After the birth my body needed help, I had a diastasis recti and some pelvic floor weakness and MUTU® System saved my dance career and it restored my body to be able to function at a very demanding level.  I was able to play with my kids and feel comfortable.  Most importantly it made me feel like myself again. Contact me for more information about my Prenatal and Postnatal Prgrams. 

/// EDB

I was the woman you heard screaming through the halls of the hospital.  Every birth is different, every woman's experience is different.  We can all unite in knowing we all went through it, and we can work together to recover from it. No matter how many months or years ago you had your babies, you can restore your core and pelvic floor function. I am here to help, contact me today to learn more.  

/// EDB

Join me on a journey of healthing and strength today!!

And start living healthy TODAY

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